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    How are weekly meetings structured?
    Although this depends on the leadership of the committee chairs, it is most efficient to have specifc goals for each meeting. This can be denoted by creating a Google Document for meeting minutes that is used throughout the semster.
    How are Discord announcements sent?
    In order to mention Active House, you must type "@actives" and select the option once it pops up on screen. To mention Associates, you must type "@[NICKNAME]"and select the option once it pops up on screen. It will change from their nickname to their Discord username, but it will change once the message is sent out.
    How are Discord polls sent?
    In addition to mentioning Active House and Associates, Discord polls are used to make time-efficient decisions based on a house vote. Simply list the options with corresponding emojis and ask sisters to react with those emojis to vote for that option.

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    What is the Rush Mastersheet?
    This Google Spreadsheet contains majority of what needs to be completed for the planning and execution of Rush. The use of each section is at the discretion of the committee chairs, but the most important sections include the "Events List" and "____ Contacts" due to freqeuncy of viewing and editing.
    How do you lead a rush event?
    Nerves are normal and it can drain your social battery pretty quickly. But still! We perservere!

      Step-by-Step on How to Lead a Successful Rush Event
      1. Arrive as early as possible to squat the room (discuss with your co-lead)
      2. Ensure all materials for the event are ready (activity materials, presentation, rushee sign-in, sister attendance)
      3. Make sure the vibe of the space is welcoming and fun! This can be done through writing welcome messages on whiteboards/chalkboards, playing upbeat music, etc.
      4. As sisters arrive, take their attendance
      5. As rushees arrive, have them sign in
      6. At the start of the event, be sure to announce the requirements to qualify for a bid
      7. Go through the presentation, introduce the activity, and disburse materials as necessary
      8. Reiterate to sisters that interacting with rushees is required!

    As the event leads, it is your responsibility to facilitate the event. Best of luck! ♡
    How are FB layouts are updated + FB event linked to PFPs?
    First, you must ensure that the Historian and/or VPX has posted the semester rush event.

      How to Change Your Facebook Profile Picture and Link the UMCP aKDPhi Semester Rush Event
      1. Click on your current FB PFP and click "Upload"
      2. Choose your edited PFP to upload and write an engaging caption for recruitment
      3. After posting, click again on your PFP and "See Profile Picture"
      4. Click on the top right three dots that appear and click "Edit Caption"
      5. From there, type "@UMCP aKDPhi" and a list of our past events will appear—scroll until you find the rush event posted for that semester and click on that to link the event

    In the Discord announcement, it is efficient to send a screen-recording demonstrating the steps above for the convenience of Active House.
    How is room availability checked?
    Using the 25Live website, you can check when specific locations on campus are available for use. Most often, sisters will need to squat rooms as early as possible since we are unable to reserve them.
    Do certain events need to be in certain rooms?
    It depends on the activity for the rush event, but it is most convenient (for rushees and sisters) for events to be held in ESJ. However, for the invitationals, both are to be held in Tawes. Speed dating is normally in Presents room.

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    What is the Installs Mastersheet?
    This Google Spreadsheet contains majority of what needs to be completed for the planning and execution of Installs. The use of each section is at the discretion of the committee chairs, but the most important sections include the "TOTAL EXPENSES AND PROFITS" and "Possible Venues" due to freqeuncy of viewing and editing.
    How are collaborations organized?
    Active House and Associates can vote if they want a collaborative Installs for the semesters, such as with UMBC Lambda Phi Epsilon or UMCP Phi Delta Sigma. Communication can begin with the Vice President External and is continued by committee chairs.
    How are ticket prices calculated?
    Depending on the desired outcome, such as making profit from the event or making enough to breakeven on spending, individual tickets have been around $50 to $80. Generally, there is a price for a SINGLE TICKET and a lower, usually discounted price for COUPLE TICKETS. In the past, there have also been lower ticket prices for those who confirm their attendance early, resulting in an early-bird discount.
    How is the headcount for attendance counted?
    There are various ways to do this, but most often it is done through an RSVP form sent out to Active House, Alumnae, and other possible attendees. However, attendance can also be accounted for through, first, an interest form (such as to provide the early-bird discount) and then an RSVP form.
    How is the celebration of graduating sisters carried out appropriately?
    Generally, graduating sisters receive ceremonial recognition during Installs, consisting of a presentation including various prompts (such as campus involvement, favorite memories with aKDPhi, advice for younger heads, etc.) filled out by each celebrant. This can be done through a questionnaire for the graduating sisters, in which the Rush/Installs Chairs can work alongside the Sisterhood Chair(s) to create it.
    I'm nervous to MC Installs. I'm overwhelmed. I'm stressed. I'm tired. People are annoying me. What do I do?
    Things will go wrong. People will arrive later than you want them to (no matter what), something will be out of place, or someone will try to buy tickets the day before. And that's completely okay and out of your control. Just do your best and get the necessary support from your committee and Executive Board. You'll do great and we all recognize your hard work! ♡

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